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Lodi Wine and Food

by Jeff Jenner

Proprietor, Jenner Family Estates

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Your guide to Lodi's world-class wines and delicious, easy to make dishes that pair with them.  Fourth generation Lodi winegrape grower Jeff Jenner takes you on a story filled tour of 30 Lodi wines from 20 different wineries then gives you step-by-step instructions to make impressive dishes that pair with each wine.  Enjoy a scoop of Portable Chicken Salad while sipping Harney Lane Chardonnay in Kathy's beautiful garden, a Sunday Shrimp Salad with a glass of Klinker Brick Rose' on a warm summer day, or a complete Lodi Tri-Tip Barbecue meal with Jenner Family Estates Old Vine Zinfandel in the back yard.  Wine and food pairing is not about rules.  It's about using the right foods to enhance your wine tasting experience and using the right wines to intensify the flavors of the foods.  Take Lodi Wine and Food home with you and create your own wine country experience for your family and friends.