You can taste and purchase our 2022 Opal's Table Chenin blanc at The Lounge at Lodi Crush.

When I was growing up on the ranch, Opal Jenner always had a bottle of Chenin blanc on her Thanksgiving table. I remember sneaking a taste of that dry, crisp, clean, fragrant white wine with hints of lemon and pear. Back then, Lodi farmers grew twice as much Chenin blanc as any other white grape. As the market changed in the 1980's, Chenin blanc vineyards all but disappeared.

This year, we were lucky to get premium grapes from an amazing vineyard in nearby Clarksburg. This wine takes me back to Opal's table and reminds me of the days when we drank real wine.

2020 Jenner Chenin blanc

Winemaking Notes:

Varietal: 95% Chenin blanc, 5% Chardonnay

Appellation:  Clarksburg

Suggested Retail:  $24

Alcohol:  10.9%

Bottling:  April 25, 2023

Production:  16 cases

Release Date:  May, 2023

Vintner and Tasting Room:  Lodi Crush

Label Design:  Alison Wong Design

Opal's Table