Jenner Family Estates Wine Catalog

2016 Old Vine Zinfandel
This was a repeat performance of our award winning 2013 commemorative vintage.  The favorite among our Bay Area friends, this wine is a big, bold, spicy, classic Lodi zin—a blend of 10% Petite sirah and aged in new American oak.  Only 3 cases left!

2019 Block V Zinfandel
Our first commercial vintage from our newly designated vineyard block.  A perfect harvest, perfect fermentation, and amazing barrel aging produced a truly great wine that is the favorite of our tasting room patrons.  This 100% single vineyard zin is known for its intense aroma, silky smooth mouth feel, and gentle but complex finish.  It received a 92 point gold medal at the 2022 Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition, being voted thirteenth of 144 Zinfandels that won medals.

2020 Block V Zinfandel
The early harvest to avoid any hint of smoke produced a unique field blend that emphasized juicy fresh fruit with just the right amount of raisin and black currant.  Extended aging in the second-year American oak barrels due to COVID supply chain issues, the addition of 4% Petite sirah, and extra time in the bottle added an unexpected richness and complexity with an explosion of fruit flavor.  This is our proprietor’s favorite!

2021 Harold’s Reserve Zinfandel
This was another perfect harvest.  The fruit was so phenomenal that we decided to try aging in new French oak barrels.  The subtle complex sugars and tannins of the French oak drew aromas and flavors from the wine that we had not experienced with our previous vintages.  The oak also accentuates the fruit flavors during the finish.  This special reserve wine celebrates the life of our patriarch, Harold Jenner, a life-long Lodi grape farmer and winery manager.

2022 Opal’s Table Chenin Blanc
Our first venture into white wines, but how could we not?  Growing up, my mother, Opal Jenner, always had two wines on her Thanksgiving table:  a Zinfandel (of course) and a clear crisp dry white wine.  Chenin blanc was once the second most produced white grape in Lodi, but it all but disappeared over the past 40 years with the growing popularity of Chardonnay and other white varietals.  This wine was harvested early to limit the alcohol and retain plenty of acid.  Its light, dry, crisp character produces aromas of citrus and pear.  We added a splash of Chardonnay to round out the mouth feel.  We quickly run out whenever we pour at Summertime events.  Only 8 cases left!